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Since the invention of the samurai sword in the 13th century engineers understood the importance of heating and cooling to ensure extraordinary performance. Today, CoolToolTM delivers the #1 high volume part production processes for plastic injection molding. Our technology utilizes proprietary predictive modeling, design, and additive manufacturing techniques to bring conformal cooling technology to scale.

Today, we deliver the fastest turnaround on the most complex, high-volume production parts for plastic injection molds. Our CoolToolTM solution is also hassle-free and non-disruptive to current plastic injection molding sourcing and technology.

CoolToolTM Revolutionizes Plastic Injection
Molding in 3 Ways

For Product Innovators

1. Faster go-to market times

2. Reduced costs

3. Improved part quality

For Contract Manufacturers

1. Additional capex utilization

2. Improved margins

3. Less scrap

What Problems Does CoolToolTM Solve?

Instaversal’s CoolToolTM Solution solves a myriad of problems related to plastic injection mold efficiency and quality issues, such as:

Sink Marks


Flow Lines

Cool Tool_Flow Lines


Cool Tool_Warping


Cool Tool_Burining

CoolTool Conformal Cooling Delivers Results

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