Our Ecosystem Values



Technical projects come with rigorous requirements. Our processes ensure quality needs are met every time.



Manufacturing shouldn’t be a black box. We keep you in the loop from start to finish with a realtime view.



Every project is a partnership. We provide world-class service by engaging all stakeholders and leveraging the best expertise.



No requirement is too niche or unique. Our capabilities are cutting-edge, so your project can be, too.



Honesty and accountability are paramount. We face problems head-on to resolve them quickly and keep your projects moving.


Zakary Smith

Founder & CEO

At Instaversal, Zak is able to fulfil his vision of a fully integrated supply chain ecosystem coupled with proprietary niche product development innovations. He is intently focused on designing and executing the processes within the diverse ecosystem of global manufacturers which will streamline the quotation, ordering and project management requirements to fulfil an order at each stage of the product development cycle. He is bridging the gap between the technical and commercial needs of a diverse range of product development companies, from start-up to large enterprise and consulting strategic opportunities for companies to get their products to market error free and on-time.

Progressive knowledge designing for and selling multimillion dollar programs through Instaversal’s core technologies of injection molding and metal printing. Multi-faceted leader driving successful software integrations alongside complex electromechanical systems. Product development and sales leadership has resulted in multi-billion revenue for end-use clients.

Market Verticals of Experience
Aerospace, automotive, medical device, renewable energy, industrial automation, robotics and commercial.

Certificate of Business Excellence – Columbia University (in progress)
Mechanical Engineer & Technological Entrepreneurship – Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Andrew Hudak

CoolToolTM Lead

Andrew is a multi-faceted mechanical engineer and hardware product developer. He is interested in a wide array of technology and has worked on a variety of hardware and software products across multiple industry verticals. He has held roles in design, manufacturing, and product management, often wearing multiple hats simultaneously. From this career trajectory, Andrew is familiar with ambiguity and comfortable stepping into the unknown to take on a new challenge. He also understands, from a variety of stakeholder lenses, the intricate complexities of bringing a new product to market.

Market Verticals of Experience
Sustainable tech, manufacturing, consumer electronics, and medical devices.

Master’s of Science (MS), Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Bachelor’s of Science (BS), Mechanical Engineering – University of Portland, Portland, OR


Mark Yam

Mark Yam

Mark Yam has 40+ patents filed and is a pioneer of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. His time in the industry positions him with the utmost expertise in complex heating, cooling and phase change characteristics. His expertise in engineering and entrepreneurship involves growing product lines from zero to multi-billion in revenue. He now consults and has a team of PHD level engineers that help to enable our proprietary software driven analysis for heating and cooling.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Michael Smith’s broad based business experience comes from his role as the President and CEO of Linx Communications, a full service strategic consulting, marketing and technology company. Mr. Smith’s professional career has focused on branding and repositioning products and services in healthcare, financial services, retail, technology, manufacturing and distribution.

Michael serves as a CMO for various organizations helping to re-engineer marketing departments and optimize digital strategies.

Michael co-founded AltruIT, a new AI technologies company, in partnership with IBM, to deliver a holistic care management solution for human services.

RWB Tiburon September 14, 2020-2

Richard W. Blossom

Richard is a brand, marketing, product development and sales expert previously holding positions as President, Asia Pacific for PepsiCo and Board Director and Chief Business Development Officer for Del Monte Foods.

He is now focused on social entrepreneurship, sustainability, education and mentoring.

He is Co-Founder and CEO of Hilltribe Organics Limited (a high impact social enterprise that pioneered the market for organic free range eggs in Thailand to sustain poor farming communities) and Co-Founder and Executive Director of Perfect Earth Foods (global producer and marketer of organic gluten-free pasta, organic gluten-free meal kits and organic gluten-free instant noodles).Richard is also CEO and Founder of Prosper Coding, a free academy that teaches coding and prepares disadvantaged young adults for jobs as software engineers.

Richard has been involved with Instaversal’s operational design and go-to-market strategy since its inception.